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Upgrading Central Plants to Include Uninterrupted Power and Microgrids

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Like a phone’s dial tone, uninterrupted power is often taken for granted until the power goes out and you need it. While power outages are a disruption for many businesses and organizations, for medical centers and clinics power loss can be life-threatening. As facilities age, the industry as a whole is seeing more demands for uninterrupted power in central plant specs. Read More

2018 Hospital Construction Survey Addresses Hurricane Hardening

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Designing and building central plants for hospitals is no longer limited to efficient systems with redundancy for critical components.  The lessons learned in Texas and Florida after major hurricanes are leading to changes in design and construction approaches for medical systems and similar environments.

According to the 2018 Hospital Construction Survey, conducted by The American Society for Healthcare Engineering, 89 percent of facilities professionals consider “resiliency” when designing and building new spaces.  Resiliency in construction means structures and components that resist both natural and human caused disasters, and allow for fast recovery after events. Read More

Greenland Completes Medical Center Generator System

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A new generator system is now in place and operational at the Lebanon, PA Veterans Administration Medical Center.  Greenland Enterprises recently wrapped up the $2.5M project, which involved demolishing and removing structures, installing natural gas powered generators and upgrades to the center’s electrical infrastructure.

The new generator serves the MRI/Radiology lab facilities and required careful planning and coordination to ensure the least possible impact to the medical center during construction. “Anytime you are dealing with mission-critical systems in a hospital there is a high level of focus on planning and project management,” said Greenland Enterprises President Elton Roller. “Our approach ensures we consider virtually every possible contingency, and have backup plans for our backup plans!”

The project is one of several Greenland efforts in Pennsylvania and the northeast US as Greenland’s national reputation grows.

Greenland Enterprises to Install Generator System at Lebanon, PA VA Medical Center

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HAMPTON, VA – Greenland Enterprises has been selected to install the infrastructure and equipment for a new generator system to serve the MRI/Radiology lab facility at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Lebanon, PA. Greenland was selected for the $2.5M project through the VA’s qualifications-based competitive selection process, where emphasis is placed on a firm’s relevant expertise and record of similar successful projects. Read More