Upgrading Central Plants to Include Uninterrupted Power and Microgrids

Like a phone’s dial tone, uninterrupted power is often taken for granted until the power goes out and you need it. While power outages are a disruption for many businesses and organizations, for medical centers and clinics power loss can be life-threatening. As facilities age, the industry as a whole is seeing more demands for uninterrupted power in central plant specs. Continue reading

SAW-Greenland Joint Venture Successful in Boiler Plant Project Bid

A Joint Venture between Greenland Enterprises and SAW Contracting has been awarded a $16.5M project to replace three boilers at the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, FL. The combination of each company’s experience and expertise ultimately created the best offering for the Department of Veterans Affairs in awarding this project.

The project involves building a new boiler plant and replacing three water tube boilers with three fire tube boilers, along with new controls and related systems. The boilers provide steam for the medical center campus, and a critical element of the project is keeping the existing boiler plant online during construction and commissioning. Once the new plant is online, the SAW-Greenland team will dismantle and remove the old boilers and related equipment.

Greenland Teaming with SAW Contracting on Marion, IL Boiler Plant

Greenland Enterprises is teaming with SAW Contracting to remove and replace three boilers at the VA Medical Center in Marion, IL. The best-source selection project involves work in and around the 1940’s boiler house building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Greenland Tapped for NC State Centennial Campus Project

When North Carolina State University needed to update the Centennial Campus’ chilled water capacity without a costly plant expansion, it turned to Greenland Enterprises in Hampton, VA. The firm is known for its Design-Build expertise, and providing solutions for challenging and complex mechanical systems. Continue reading

Greenland to Replace Air Handling Unit at Newington, CT VA Medical Center

Greenland Enterprises has been awarded a $1.1 million design-build contract to replace an air handling unit at the VA Medical Center in Newington, CT. The firm was selected in large part due to its unique HVAC expertise in healthcare environments.

Because of the sensitive location and need to minimize downtime, Greenland will use a factory-built modular air handling unit that will be assembled on site. This approach reduces on-site construction time compared to traditional approaches, which is important due to the unique needs of the healthcare facility.