Central Plant Updates Lead to Energy Savings and Recognition

The city of Brookings, South Dakota has recognized South Dakota State University (SDSU) for infrastructure updates that are saving the university over $1 million per year in operating and utility expenses. The city awarded SDSU with the 2019 Mayor’s Award for Sustainability in the Environmental Resilience category.

According to an article in the Brookings Register, the award recognizes excellence in sustainable practices, with a focus on environmental infrastructure. This was one of several awards that acknowledges the new North Chiller Plant, which underwent the addition of three 750 ton chillers. A new central plant added a fifth 525-ton chiller.

These campus improvements are a great example of how investing in new, modern technology and mechanical systems can lead to remarkable savings, higher efficiency, less downtime and improvement in overall environmental impacts.

Additional updates to the infrastructure include technology upgrades to digital controls in several campus buildings. According to the Director of Energy Systems at the university, there are now 70,000 equipment control points that are monitor-able, thus allowing an increase in efficiency for system operations and troubleshooting. Click here to read the full article.

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