Commercial construction is a complex endeavor, made even more so when you consider the mechanical systems needed to effectively control large commercial and industrial spaces.  Consider a hospital, or large university dormitory — each has very specific needs for heating, cooling, electricity, water, wastewater and fire suppression systems.  However, the nature of the building’s use significantly changes the construction approach needed.

That’s where design-build expertise provides as significant advantage to building owners and facility directors.  A design-build construction company like Greenland Enterprises leads the design effort for the building and the equipment that will provide the utilities needed.  From central boiler plants to chillers and cooling towers, working with a commercial construction company that provides design expertise can lead to lower operating costs, more streamlined and efficient construction and ultimately better use of the resulting systems.

The design function also helps bridge any potential gaps between the construction company goals (finish on time, on budget with minimal disruptions) and the building owner goals (a completed building or central plant that will operate at peak efficiency with a significant lifespan).  By utilizing a design-build firm in complex projects like central plant construction, owners capitalize on construction expertise as well as design and engineering insight that can help lead a project to success with both short- and long-term goals.

If you are considering a central plant renovation or construction, be sure to speak with Greenland Enterprises’ experts in design-build central plant construction.