New Boiler Plant, Hill AFB, UT

Project Overview

Boiler Design

Project: Design-Build Repair of Boilers in Building 260
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers
Location: Hill Air Force Base, UT
Project Type: New Boiler Plant
Role: Other Than Small Business Mentor; Joint Venture (SGJV, LLC)

SGJV, LLC is responsible for designing and constructing the replacement of five new 50 MMBH boilers. The boilers will achieve ultra-low NOx emissions of 9 ppm. The existing boiler fuel oil underground storage tanks will be removed and replaced with aboveground storage tanks, which are sized for seven days of storage during peak heating season. The existing building will have seismic retrofitting and supporting equipment (deaerator, pumps, etc.) upgraded. Additionally, the undersized emergency generator will be replaced to accommodate larger blower motor sizes due to flue gas recirculation.