NC State Projects Yield Utility Cost Savings

An article in the Winter 2020 International District Energy Association magazine touts the significant investments that North Carolina State University is making at its Raleigh, NC campuses. The university’s central utility plants provide steam, chilled water and electricity to nearly 15 million gross square feet of building space across three campus environments.

The newest addition to the university’s district energy system is a 25,000-ton-hour chilled water storage tank at the Centennial Campus Utility Plant, which Greenland Enterprises is currently constructing.

According to the article, the thermal energy storage project is expected to, “reduce NC State’s power costs by more than $250,000 per year by shifting chiller load to off-peak power… The off-peak shift afforded by TES in synergy with the existing campus combined heat and power system will boost the environmental benefits associated with energy efficient electricity production.”

As explained in the article, the latest addition is part of a chilled-water thermal energy storage vision that began 20 years ago. Greenland was selected in the Fall of 2018 for the Thermal Energy Storage (TES) project, which will hold approximately 3.5 million gallons of water in the 90-foot tall structure.

For more details about how the TES tank acts like a chilled water “battery” that can store cooling capacity, click here to read the article in the Winter 2020 edition, or contact Greenland Enterprises.



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