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Greenland Teaming with SAW Contracting on Grand Island, NE Boiler Plant

By August 22, 2019 September 19th, 2019 No Comments

HAMPTON, VA – Greenland Enterprises is teaming with SAW Contracting to remove and replace two boilers at the VA Medical Center in Grand Island, NE. The $3.1 million design-bid-build project involves demolishing two older steam boilers, providing a temporary boiler during construction, and installing two new 400 horsepower fire-tube boilers.

In addition to the boilers, the team will install new controls, extensive safety items, and additional modifications to ensure the two new boilers function with the one remaining older unit. The new boilers will feature high-efficiency 30 PPM dual fuel burners with a low-turndown requirement. The new burner and combustion control platform will integrate with the existing campus-wide Building Automation System.

Greenland Enterprises  specializes in the design, development, renovation, and construction of  central utility plants, combined heat and power plants, modular chilled water systems, and similar complex mechanical systems. The firm’s unique approach places equal emphasis on  design and construction to maximize efficiency, life-cycle costs, and owner investment. The company is headquartered in Hampton, Virginia with a regional office in Raleigh, North  Carolina.

SAW Contracting has significant experience with traditional commercial and government building construction, while Greenland brings more specialized expertise in design-build of central utility plants and other complex mechanical infrastructure projects. SAW Contracting is  headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. More information is available at