Portfolio – Williamsburg, VA HVAC Upgrade

Greenland was selected on this negotiated HVAC upgrade for the SWEM Library Special Collections at The College of William & Mary. The 12,000 square foot area houses important historical and irreplaceable documents as well as college records.

A boiler in The College’s basement was causing heat to radiate through the floor. As a result, The College was unable to maintain the proper temperature and humidity for sensitive document storage. This led to solicitation of the HVAC upgrades. With efficiency and life-cycle costs in mind, we offered an engineered solution – installing a dedicated outside air system (DOAS) that would provide 2,000 CFM of very dry air at roughly 50°F. This conditioned air would mix with the return air from the space. Then, AHU-1 would discharge 8,000 CFM of the air to the special collections area of the library, resulting in an overall temperature drop of 8°F, from 72°F to 64°F. Also, after trending the space conditions, we discovered an area running at a higher temperature than adjacent spaces. We worked with the design team and provided a solution to modify the ductwork and rebalance the area. This resulted in a more even temperature throughout the space that was not possible prior to the corrective action.

In addition to this enhancement, a humidifier and variable frequency inverters were installed on the supply/return fans of AHU-1. DDC Controls were installed for control and alarm functions. A transfer fan was installed to move heat from the boiler end of the mechanical room to the chiller end to enable the exhaust fan to remove it from the space.

With Greenland’s extensive HVAC and controls background, The College was afforded the opportunity to work closely with engineers, vendors and subcontractors to facilitate the work and problem solve during the design, planning, and construction phases.  We conducted project meetings on a bi-weekly basis with College personnel to coordinate critical path portions of the project (i.e. crane lift) as well as keep them routinely informed of progress.