Portfolio – Medical Center Boiler Plant Upgrade, Martinsburg WV

Greenland was selected as the prime contractor to complete the Boiler Plant Renovation project at the Martinsburg VA Medical Center in West Virginia. This $8M project consisted of a complete demolition and replacement of all interior components and boiler systems in the existing, circa 1940s boiler plant.  In addition, the project also included asbestos abatement for all piping insulation, removal and replacement of the concrete floor, and fabrication of a new roof.

The boiler system included three new 700HP fire tube boilers, DA tank, condensate tank and pumps, condensate polisher, blowdown tank, steam piping, and boiler controls to include a SCADA workstation. During the demolition and construction phase, Greenland supplied and maintained two 900HP rental boilers to keep the hospital supplied with steam.  There were no service interruptions at any point during the winter construction period.

The project presented significant challenges due to the age of the existing facility and the lack of existing as built drawings for reference during the planning stages. Greenland significantly enhanced the project and added the following tangible benefits to the owner:

  • We were able to locate a more suitable space for the DA tank steam supply PRV station that simplified serviceability and increased safety. This betterment, at no cost to the customer, will greatly benefit future boiler operators.
  • We proposed a betterment to utilize a ductless mini-split system for a new training room, which was converted from an existing pump room. This would provide greater space control at a reduced cost to the customer.
  • We assembled our team and offered a solution to successfully integrate the existing equipment with the new boiler system we were preparing to install. This will greatly assist future boiler operators with monitoring and trending the equipment.