Boiler Replacement, Gainesville, FL

Project Overview

Project: Replace Boilers
Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs
Location: Malcom Randall VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL
Project Type: New Boiler Plant
Role: Other Than Small Business Mentor; Joint Venture (SAW-Greenland JV II LLC)

SAW-Greenland JV II LLC was responsible for constructing a new boiler plant with a graphics control station and replacing three aging watertube boilers with three firetube boilers. The existing boilers remained on-line until the new boiler plant was ready for operations after commissioning. Once the new boiler plant was placed into service, the existing boilers were demolished and removed. Work included, but was not limited to, general construction, alterations, mechanical and electrical work, utility systems necessary to construct the new boiler and graphics control building, the removal of existing boilers, piping, and equipment, and pressure testing.