Our Approach

Our team is distinct in the way that we interface with all stakeholders involved in a project. We establish a solid framework, from start to finish, before stepping foot on any job site. The owner, architect/engineer and subcontractor roles are all engaged with ours in order to return the highest level of success possible. This methodology means that the design process is meticulously crafted, equipment selection is prioritized, and construction is streamlined and economical. All of these functions are critical, and when combined with our extensive systems expertise, create a synchronicity that our customers most appreciate about Greenland. This is evident in our countless ongoing relationships as well as our testimonials.

All stakeholders involved in our projects have something to gain from our approach. By ensuring that everyone is pivotal to the success of the project, each group is invested and supportive of the process.

Greenland gets an overall rating of Outstanding. They are a breath of fresh air in the contracting world. They really managed this project in an amazing and efficient way. My only regret is that they’re not a general contractor we could use over and over again. We have a chiller plant in design presently and I’m already looking forward to receiving Greenland’s proposal. You would certainly not regret awarding to Greenland.

Paul BosakNew Boiler Plant Construction, June, 2018