New Construction Partnerships

The Greenland Enterprises teams are experts in upgrading and replacing complex mechanical systems like those found in medical centers, industrial and university campuses, central utility plants and similar projects. Clients select Greenland because of our extensive experience with critical mechanical/electrical infrastructure systems – and how that experience translates into accelerated schedules, minimal impact on existing operations, and a focus on seamless commissioning to design-intent.

Although Greenland has traditionally delivered these projects as the Prime contractor, our team is also proactively engaging other General Contractors – to apply our expertise as a strategic sub-contracting partner on larger “new construction” projects that include a significant mechanical/electrical utility component.  Our design-build experience and successful project history make us a natural fit for general contractors who value attention to detail, on-site problem solving and clear communication.

The Greenland approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but when partnered with a progressive general contracting firm, we have found it’s a win-win-win situation: the GC, the project owner and Greenland. If you’re pursuing a new construction project that involves complex mechanical systems including central utility (cooling/heating) plants, power generation, complex air-side systems and/or controls integration, get in touch with a Greenland Enterprises team member and let’s discuss your project.