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The importance of Design in Central Utility Plant Construction

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Commercial construction is a complex endeavor, made even more so when you consider the mechanical systems needed to effectively control large commercial and industrial spaces.  Consider a hospital, or large university dormitory — each has very specific needs for heating, cooling, electricity, water, wastewater and fire suppression systems.  However, the nature of the building’s use significantly changes the construction approach needed. Read More

Great Project Feedback

By | Boiler Plant Construction, Past Performance

Past performance is a good predictor of future success.  That’s one of the reasons we are happy to share information about recent projects — to highlight Greenland’s experience and expertise with successful project delivery.

Here’s a response to a recent past performance questionnaire from a boiler plant replacement project:

“INITIAL PROPOSAL: Greenland presented a solicitation proposal that covered all factors in the manner prescribed.  This was a very good indication that the company knew the process.  Their proposal gave a detailed construction schedule that showed an early completion date.  Outside of a few change orders with additional work, the proposed schedule has been accomplished by Greenland. Read More

Considerations When Upgrading Boiler Plant Controls

By | Boiler Plant Construction, Boiler Plant Controls

Boiler plant upgrades don’t necessarily mean building an entirely new plant and installing new boilers.  In the past several years significant advancements have been made in controls and burners, allowing for far greater efficiency and turndown capacity.  For many facility managers, upgrading controls breathes new life into aging boiler plant systems. Read More

Boiler Plant Selection Options and Impacts

By | Boiler Plant Construction, Central Plant Construction

A recent article in Engineered Systems magazine is a great example of why it’s important to have both expertise and experience in your engineering and construction firm for central plants.  The article, titled Boiler Design & Selection: What Engineers Should Keep in Mind, highlights the wide number of boiler and system design considerations, many of which will vary based on the building owner’s goals and even the current state. Read More