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Project Milestone: Greenland Installs 40,000 Gallon Underground Fuel Oil Storage Tank

By April 24, 2020 May 14th, 2020 No Comments

A Florida-based healthcare facility is one step closer to providing safe and reliable steam from their new District Heating Plant under construction by Greenland, with the installation of a new 40,000 gallon underground fuel oil storage tank.

Extensive excavations that required an engineered shoring system and dewatering operations were necessary prior to setting the 72-foot, factory-fabricated, double-wall, horizontal tank.

The Greenland team leveraged its logistics management expertise to ensure the tank was both delivered and set safely. The project management efforts were critical due to the space limitations of the active healthcare facility.

This underground tank is part of a new facility fuel system, which will provide No. 2 fuel oil to the ground-up District Heating Plant. The system will include a custom duplex pump set, tank fluid level monitoring and alarm system, leak detection system for the tank and underground piping, and fuel oil quality maintenance system.

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