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Navy Hospital Completes New Chiller Plant Project

Although Greenland was not involved in the new chiller plant project at the Naval Hospital in Bremerton, WA, an article in Defense Visual Information Distribution Service highlights the benefits of upgrading aging infrastructure. According to the article, the recently completed project reduces costs via new controls, and features a smaller chiller for lighter loads, which nets a 40 percent reduction in cooling demand.

The article quotes Lt. Erwin Rodriguez, the NHB engineering manager: “Without this system we couldn’t have a functional medical facility. The chiller plant is the primary source of environmental control systems that keeps the operating rooms, sterile storage rooms, pharmacies, and procedures rooms operational. Humidity and temperature controls are vital to the compliance of medical facilities and Joint Commission standards.”

Greenland frequently help clients perform a cost/benefit analysis when planning new systems, and the article further points out the non-financial benefits as well, such as the “…ability to analyze data and be able to pinpoint problems throughout the system and choose the right time to conduct preventive maintenance,” as further stated by Rodriguez.

Other benefits include a smart control system that will integrate with the base’s overall control center to share data and add cyber security intrusion notifications. There are also significant environmental sustainability benefits as part of the overall project.

We believe this article successfully highlights the benefits realized when replacing aging systems. If you are considering a similar project, get the Greenland team involved now so we can help you identify the opportunities with your central plant and systems.

You can read the full article, here: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/328561/environmentally-cool-naval-hospital-bremerton-with-new-chiller-plant.