Greenland’s Web Survey Results

In the recent Greenland Enterprises survey series we asked a collection of questions about project management.  Our initial question identified top concerns when preparing an RFP for construction services, and not surprisingly, the biggest concern is the bid budget.

With budget leading the way, we then asked if organizations are more likely to use the low-bid method when procuring a project partner.  The responses were much closer to this question, with 53% saying “Yes”, they prefer to use the low-bid method. However, 47% of respondents indicated they are not likely to use the low-bid method for selecting a vendor, valuing expertise and experience over cost.

Many of those who answered “No”, added comments similar to this: “Budgeting is important, but it’s not worth risking a major problem to shave off a few bucks here and there. I’d much prefer to work with a qualified company which has a solid, documented history of service, and whose manager(s) I felt were on the same page as I was, and pay extra for those good services and skilled employees.”

Finally, we asked about the use of online project management portals and communication preferences. Nearly 75% of those responding indicated they value receiving/obtaining key product information from a central, web-based system.

For our next series of questions, we’ll explore the information that is most important to key stakeholders.


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