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Technology is Changing Mechanical System Design and Installation

By March 19, 2018 March 29th, 2018 No Comments

It’s no secret that India is a rapidly growing technological powerhouse, and when Jaguar built a new regional headquarters in Manesar, sustainability and renewable energy were top considerations.  The completed 12-acre campus uses solar energy, radiant cooling systems and re-utilizes all waste.

As reported in The Hindu Businessline, the facility is a study in marrying traditional mechanical infrastructure with aggressive efficiency strategies.  For example, the innovative radiant HVAC system cuts operating energy by 50%, and the related air handling units use variable frequency drives to automatically control air distribution, maximizing utility conservation.  Heat recovery systems minimize the AC load for fresh air, and radiant chilled-water systems utilize cooling towers  to condition spaces when possible.

The Jaguar approach of creating a zero-discharge facility may not be appropriate for all industrial and commercial applications; all organizations (whether for-profit or not-for-profit) have their own ROI thresholds for capital investments like this.  But we expect continued and increasingly creative uses of similar technology in new construction and mechanical system updates across many industries.

At Greenland Enterprises, our team strives to be on the leading edge of mechanical system design and implementation. Our approach is to deliver systems that meet the complex needs of our clients, while maximizing efficiency, up-time and redundancy.  We balance that approach with consideration of timelines and budgets, with the goal of delivering the best possible combination for building owners, tenants and other key stakeholders.

If you are considering a central plant upgrade, and curious about the latest advances and most practical applications, be sure to talk to the experts at Greenland.

You can read the full article, here: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/specials/clean-tech/when-zero-becomes-an-investment/article10035723.ece