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The Unique Needs of Medical Center Mechanical Systems

Medical Center facility directors know that when it comes to mechanical systems in hospital environments, standard commercial systems aren’t enough.  Medical buildings and campuses require sophisticated, complex and redundant mechanical systems that are extremely reliable – while also providing the efficiencies necessary to control life-cycle cost.

To meet these standards, medical center owners require a team with the knowledge and expertise required to select the right systems, and then install them in a manner that meets both current and future needs.  Complex systems such as these necessitate specialized engineering and construction capabilities that are far beyond typical commercial, or even industrial, HVAC providers.

For example, just consider the demands on air delivery systems for medical centers.  Hospital air handling units have a myriad of specific considerations, including:

  • Providing conditioned air that meets hospital air quality standards
  • Zone controls to reduce airborne cross-contamination potential
  • Ensuring unit capacity meets load changes and can operate within limited space restrictions
  • Enhanced smoke control
  • Ready access to system components for regular and emergency maintenance

These and other considerations require expertise to design and build the systems correctly, and demonstrated experience from the construction firm to avoid costly overruns and schedule delays.

If your medical facility or hospital is planning a mechanical system upgrade, contact Greenland Enterprises to help manage the risks associated with your project.  At Greenland Enterprises, we are experts in boiler systems, air handlers, chillers, cooling towers and other elements of mechanical systems.  We have significant experience constructing these systems in medical campuses, without disrupting existing services.  The earlier you get Greenland involved in a potential project, the better the overall result will be.  Contact Greenland today at, 757-864-0640.