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The Importance of Experience and Expertise

By March 3, 2017 March 8th, 2017 No Comments

A recent article in the UK publication Modern Building Services magazine provides a clear illustration of why experience and expertise is important in utility plant design and construction.  The article describes a project that replaced eight chillers on the roof of a BBC building, which would not be particularly noteworthy – except for the fact that the chillers failed prematurely due to being installed in an area that restricted critical airflow.

Unfortunately, this was a costly update. According to the article: “Most of the chillers, installed in 2009, needed premature replacement, as an existing rendered blockwork wall was restricting the passage of air.”  Now, eight years later, part of the project includes replacing the solid block wall with acoustic louvres designed to increase air flow.

This is a good illustration of the difference in the Greenland Enterprises approach.  As a Prime contractor, our design-build expertise means we fully evaluate a construction project, and often offer design suggestions and proactive problem solving, even if our team was not involved in the original design.  The Greenland goal is to create the best possible, most efficient central plant, which means we are regularly called upon for expertise beyond construction and commissioning.

In this case, the engineering and maintenance service expertise of Greenland makes our team particularly sensitive to the requirements of the equipment we specialize in – and how compromising those requirements can lead to excessive operating temperatures and associated premature failure.

The Greenland team has the engineering expertise and practical, real-world experience in constructing and managing central plant systems, giving us – and owners – a unique advantage.  If your organization is experiencing challenges with an existing central plant system, or is preparing designs for a new project, please contact us today.  It’s never too early to get the Greenland experience and expertise on your team.