Risk Management for Central Plant Systems During Construction

Central utility plant construction involves the installation or modification of mission-critical systems that must continue to perform during buildout.  Boilers, chillers, cooling towers and similar infrastructure can occasionally go off-line for planned maintenance, but certainly not for the extended time periods required in new construction.  Unfortunately, in many cases a new plant must occupy the existing footprint, adding to the planning required and increasing the potential for service interruptions or complications.

This scenario requires specialized construction expertise and a commitment to maintaining existing system integrity even while new facilities are built.  Design-build experience is particularly important so the contractor can address unforeseen challenges quickly and avoid disruptions and cost overruns.

Strategies for managing this risk include bringing in temporary, portable plants to provide steam generation or chilled water, and detailed integration planning and timing to minimize downtime during the transition period.  Proper commissioning of the new plant is critical as well, to ensure the most efficient performance possible throughout all modes of operation.

If your facility is considering a new central plant, we strongly recommend engaging a specialized firm like Greenland Enterprises early in the process.  Our seasoned experts can provide guidance on the scope of work details, and our early involvement can reduce the cost and time required for the bid process, as well as the overall construction project.  Contact the Greenland team today for a no obligation conversation about your plant replacement needs.