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Avoiding Over Budget Projects

By September 27, 2016 No Comments

A recent report in the Engineering News-Record highlighted a Colorado VA hospital construction project that is now more than 500% over budget.  The original estimate was $328 million and the current price tag is reportedly $1.68 billion, plus the project is two years behind schedule.

We have extensive experience working with VA hospital projects and this is certainly not the norm.  However, it serves to highlight one of the more frequent concerns for central utility plant projects – cost and deadline overruns.

Successfully managing a boiler plant, cooling tower or utility plant project requires close attention to detail and significant experience to avoid costly delays.  Working with a construction firm that understands the nuances these projects require is critical, along with design and engineering expertise to help quickly address issues as they arise. Or, even better, to identify potential trouble-spots before they become issues and recommend solutions.

We have found that specialized experience and expertise can pay big dividends in CUP projects, particularly for hospital and medical environments where the needs are precise.  Even when there are unexpected issues that come up, it is much more cost effective to identify them early, adjust the schedule and create a change order if necessary, than to delay the project and incur additional design and construction costs later in the project.

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