Bid Evaluation: Successful Experience Counts

Evaluating bids for a central plant construction project is a complex endeavor for any facilities director or selection committee.  There are a number of criteria being reviewed, including costs, equipment and materials, and the competing firms themselves.  One of the areas where we feel project stakeholders should spend time is identifying the successful experience of those submitting bids. 

There is often a significant difference between completing a project to the correct specifications, and having a successful experience.  Success is more than simply finishing the project, or even finishing on time and on budget.  A truly successful boiler replacement, central plant or similar construction project includes the benefits that come from working with an experienced specialized construction company.  Those include expertise in managing projects efficiently, offering and implementing improvements to the design and equipment, and communicating effectively with owners, other contractors, operations directors and others.

Bid documents will certainly highlight experience, yet with a little additional probing and review, evaluators can identify the construction firms that have the successful experience that will pay big dividends over the life of a project.  If your agency or company would like guidance or tips on how to evaluate experience, please contact our headquarters, (757) 864-0640.