The Additional Benefits of Boiler Replacement

When businesses and institutions consider replacing a boiler system, it’s usually because the existing boiler is no longer serviceable in a cost-effective manner, or is rapidly approaching critical failure.  A new boiler plant certainly solves the most obvious and pressing needs, but there are additional significant advantages that come with a boiler replacement project.

Today’s boilers are more efficient than ever, and modern controls allow for optimizing that efficiency for the best operational and fuel utilization outputs possible.  Efficiency comes largely from boiler plant design and construction; that’s where partnering with a design-build construction firm that specializes in boilers and central utility plants can provide significant advantages.  More than boiler installers, a firm like Greenland Enterprises can assist with design specifications, detailed engineering and construction plans and reviews, and ultimately overseeing a project that comes in on time and on budget.

Getting the most efficiency and operation from a new boiler plant means utilizing the latest control technology.  Modern controls replace the older, traditional mechanical sensors and linkages and allow for better combustion and energy savings.

When effective control systems are paired with a new boiler plant designed for a specific building or campus, there are significant cost savings, leading to a faster return on investment and potentially a longer service-life for the new system.

If you are considering a boiler or boiler plant replacement, the design-build experts at Greenland Enterprises are here to help.  Contact us today to start the conversation about your boiler project.