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Avoiding Weather Delays in Central Plant Projects

By February 18, 2016 No Comments

Weather plays a significant role in central plant, cooling tower and chiller construction projects.  Dealing with weather issues one of the reasons experienced specialized construction firms have the edge when it comes to meeting budgets and timelines.

Firms like Greenland Enterprises have completed successful central utility plant construction projects in many areas of the country, giving them practical, real-world experience in planning for and mitigating the effects of weather.  Severe weather events, cold, heat and rain can lead to physical construction and planning challenges, as well as scheduling issues.  Delays are often compounded, causing a cascading effect of missed milestones.

Experienced project managers not only anticipate weather impacts on projects, they have strategies built in to the construction plan, contingencies in place for weather events and a history of past projects that let them come up with creative solutions.

When reviewing bids, we encourage owners to consider successful past performance, including effectiveness in managing potential weather impacts and delays.  Selecting a specialized construction firm with a proven track record of delivering on time and budget can provide significantly more value over the life of the project compared to any perceived initial cost savings.

If you are planning a central utility plant upgrade, boiler replacement, cooling tower or chiller project, contact the experts at Greenland Enterprises to learn more about or team and past performance.  Together, we can determine if our expertise should be included in your bid proposal process.