Past performance is a good predictor of future success.  That’s one of the reasons we are happy to share information about recent projects — to highlight Greenland’s experience and expertise with successful project delivery.

Here’s a response to a recent past performance questionnaire from a boiler plant replacement project:

“INITIAL PROPOSAL: Greenland presented a solicitation proposal that covered all factors in the manner prescribed.  This was a very good indication that the company knew the process.  Their proposal gave a detailed construction schedule that showed an early completion date.  Outside of a few change orders with additional work, the proposed schedule has been accomplished by Greenland.

ACTUAL PERFORMANCE: The company’s performance has exceeded expectations.  The submittal process has been very good.  The submittals that are presented have been reviewed by Greenland before the submission guaranteeing that the product will meet contract specifications.  Greenland reviews subcontractor submittals before submitting to the A/E and the VA.  This has greatly improved the construction process.  They have built what was submitted.  The RFI process has shown that Greenland really looks ahead to ensure that the design is constructible.

TECHNICAL COMPETENCE AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT: It has been very evident throughout pre-construction and construction that Greenland understands and has vast experience in the construction of boiler and energy plants.   This is shown from top to bottom in the company.   The project superintendent is thoroughly experienced with all facets of the construction.  He has managed the work of all subcontractors.  He is the voice of the company on site.  The manner in which Greenland manages allows the site superintendent to concentrate on the construction of the project.  We have had a project manager that has excelled in managing the owner of our project.  He has the experience to communicate concerning all areas of the project.  The president and vice president of Greenland have both made numerous site visits during construction.  We are approaching the completion of our project, and I would expect that both owners will approve their work before asking the VA to accept the project.  Greenland has been a superb contractor to build our new boiler plant.

SAFETY: Greenland has a top notch safety program.  This is evident as the safety plan for the project and company was presented in the solicitation proposal and the project plan.  The company enforces safety requirements for all subcontractors on the project.  These concerns are addressed promptly.  The site superintendent has been very responsive to any safety concerns.  During a gas line leak caused by the VA utility contractor, the site superintendent recognized the danger and took immediate steps to ensure the safety of all involved.  His response was very professional and we could not have asked for a better action.


Bob Price
CDR at Dorn VA
August 2015
Referencing Columbia Boiler Plant Replacement Project