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A New Take on the Modular Plant

By August 8, 2015 August 11th, 2015 No Comments

Using a prefabricated, modular approach to central plant construction is an increasingly popular approach, when compared to traditional construction techniques.  Modular construction isn’t always the best solution for plant construction, but in many cases, there are several advantages to the property owner, management, builder, and end-user.

Through the delivery of multiple modular central plant construction projects, Greenland Enterprises has developed an approach that lets us take advantage of the best elements of modular construction, while minimizing risks and concerns.  Benefits include:

Less Operational Disruption – Because the amount and complexity of on-site work is minimized compared to traditional construction, the modular approach reduces risks associated with field activities.  As on-site traffic is reduced, regular activities with the existing plant and general operations have fewer disruptions.

Other factors included reduced risk and waste when modules are assembled in a factory environment, along with less on-site storage and traffic.

Compressed Schedules – compared to the traditional field-built approach, the time from initial concept to operational plant can be compressed significantly through a pre-fabricated modular approach; this is because the plant components are installed in a controlled factory environment, where variables such as unpredictable weather and resource availability are negligible.  Furthermore, the plant systems can be started-up and commissioned before ever leaving the factory – enabling the team to flush out a significant portion of the potential delays in any central plant project.

Flexible Design Options – The modular construction approach lends itself to more flexibility in accomplishing plant goals and with Greenland’s design-build expertise, can result in lower costs or more effective use of the available space.  Modular plants allow builders to customize the design to the owner’s requirements and address site-specific challenges., such as a reduced site footprint or aesthetics.

Leveraging Technology – An often-overlooked aspect of modular construction is the use of technology both in the construction and commissioning process, and in operational controls and systems once the plant is up and running.  Modular construction lends itself to optimal use of technology, including implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) to assist with decision-making and overall design and construction.

Regardless of the implementation constraints and end goals for your central plant, Greenland’s experienced design-build team can be a significant asset to your project.  Whether you need expertise in determining the best construction approach, or a strategic partner to manage the process from inception through commissioning, turn to the experts at Greenland Enterprises.  Contact us today to talk about your project.