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The Importance of Skilled Project Managers for On-Schedule or Expedited Completion

Stakeholders involved in a large, complex construction project can appreciate the importance of completing projects on time and on budget.  Usually the completion schedule is tied to financial compensation and dependencies for other elements of a larger project.

For example, we know the construction work we perform on central plants is often a precursor to other infrastructure or expansion projects.  Failure to meet a scheduled completion date has a ripple effect that cascades through a project, increasing costs and compounding delays and overruns.

Thankfully there are strategies that can aid not only with on-time project completion, but, in some cases, even expedite a construction project schedule.  A recent KPMG study on project scheduling and cost overruns found that a lack of skilled project managers has the greatest influence on project delivery.

The study states, “One of the reasons for inefficient project delivery is the paucity of skilled project managers in the infrastructure sector.”  A key word here is “skilled” – it’s not enough to simply have experience; project managers need to have the skill to delivery effectively and consistently.

The study indicates that 79 percent of respondents to an industry survey believe project managers lack the prerequisite skill set, which leads to issues including prolonged design finalization, scope creep and contractual disputes.

At Greenland, we understand the value of experienced project managers and supervisors.  That’s why each of our project managers is more than a project manager – they have industry experience ranging from system design and installation through multi-million dollar project delivery.  Perhaps more importantly, as a niche central plant contractor, we work in a collaborative, team environment allowing us to pool an impressive amount of talent and experience to identify and solve problems.

If you value the importance of an experienced team with proven success for your central plant project, give us a call.  Even if you’re in the evaluation phase or starting to develop an RFP, you’ll find Greenland is a great resource to help ensure your project is on schedule or even ahead of schedule.